Field horses: 

Babe enjoying fresh spring pasture

There is a large shelter that accommodates up to 8 horses in a 5+ acre field for continuous grazing access.    Local grass hay is fed in the morning, grain mid-day and alfalfa hay is fed in the evening when seasonally appropriate , which is most of the year.  The horses have continuous access to a 150 gallon watering trough that is cleaned twice weekly and topped off as needed and checked twice daily.  The shelter area is cleaned weekly.  Cost is $300 per horse per month.


Semi-private paddock with stall:

We offer a 10 by 12 stall with shared outdoor paddock with one other horse.  On odd days,  the first horse gets the paddock through direct access from its stall and the second horse is turned out in a large field with other horses that it is compatible with.   On even days, the second horse gets the paddock with direct access from its stall and the first horse gets turned out into the field.  Most stalls have an automatic watering system.  Those that do not, have private water troughs, minimum 55 gallons in size .  Stalls are cleaned daily, fresh sawdust is the bedding with stall mats.  Our paddocks have  gravel footing.  Paddocks are cleaned daily.  Cost is $465 per horse per month

Each stall has direct and continuous access to an outdoor paddock.  Automatic watering system is available for most stalls.

Private paddock:

Sport’s digs

Large  private water troughs  (55 gallons minimum) are used in stalls without an automatic watering system.     Stalls  are cleaned daily with fresh saw dust as bedding and stall mats for comfort. Paddocks have gravel footing and are cleaned daily.  Cost is $475 per horse per month

Pasture Rotation:

We are in the process of improving our pasture rotation and care.  Make sure you check out our photos to watch the progress.   The pastures are large, open, and have been described as the ideal condition for keeping horses.   We want all of the horses at our facility to thrive so we are committed to maintaining excellent pastures.


Available for all horses at least every other day but it is optional.  You can request that your horse not be turned out.